Empowering Latin American Professionals: PeopleCert's Certifications Driving Career Success

Empowering Latin American Professionals:  PeopleCert’s Certifications Driving Career Success
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In Latin America’s ever-changing professional landscape, the importance of continuous learning and certification is gaining recognition. PeopleCert, a global leader in assessing and certifying professional skills, is making substantial contributions to help individuals and organizations in Latin America enhance their capabilities. Keep reading to discover how PeopleCert’s professional certifications are positively impacting students and professionals in the region, through three compelling case studies.

Leidi Johana Malpica Pulido, Colombia – Lifelong learning and upskilling for the real world

Leidi Johana Malpica Pulido, an improvement consultant at Keralty, a multinational healthcare business in Bogota, Colombia, serves as a prime example of the value of continuous learning and certification. An engineering graduate from the Julio Garavito School of Engineering, Leidi decided to return to her alma mater to keep her professional skills up-to-date, by pursuing certifications in Scrum and ITIL® through PeopleCert.

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Leidi’s commitment to lifelong learning mirrors the constantly evolving nature of technology and market demands, and her decision to study and obtain certifications in PeopleCert’s Scrum Master and ITIL Foundation was directly tied to her job responsibilities. She explained, “My daily tasks are project-based, and we are implementing projects constantly using the Scrum method. Also, many of our projects involve services and third-party suppliers, making ITIL relevant to delivering services to our medical center patients.”


As per the benefits of her certifications, this is how she describes them:
``Studying ITIL has helped me structure ideas and develop the company's services, while Scrum certification has provided a step-by-step approach to improving project stages and team coordination.``

Furthermore, Leidi emphasized the market recognition of her alma mater’s education, stating, “When someone graduates from Julio Garavito, the market acknowledges that what we’ve learned is current and relevant to the real world.”

SKEMA Business School, Brazil – Getting students ready for the employment market
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In Brazil, SKEMA Business School is utilizing PeopleCert’s certifications to build a bridge between academia and the business world. Recognizing the demand for project management skills in Belo Horizonte’s growing economy, SKEMA established a dedicated business unit offering short training courses, such as PRINCE2® for project management.

Rodrigo Neves, Scientific Director of SKEMA’s MSc Project and Programme Management and Business Development degree course, stressed the significance of this initiative, saying, “Our vision is to create the best of both worlds – bringing together academic and professional best practice content. Brazilian companies need solutions to their problems, and the combination of SKEMA Business School and PeopleCert will help this.”

SKEMA’s MSc program, integrating PRINCE2 project management training and certification, equips students with practical knowledge and discipline. This is how Rodrigo Neves emphasized the program’s relevance to the recruitment demands of companies in Belo Horizonte, where SKEMA’s Brazilian campus is located:
``Students are jumping directly into the employment market with knowledge and experience.``
Wilmary Laclé, Chile – Pursuing certifications that open doors in a competitive job market

Wilmary Laclé, a development lead at Transbank S.A. in Chile, has embarked on a journey of professional growth by enrolling in the ‘Diploma in Agile Methodologies for Organizations: DevOps and Scrum’ at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. This unique program, the first of its kind in Latin America, combines a prestigious university diploma with four professional certifications in Scrum and DevOps, accredited by PeopleCert.

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Wilmary’s motivation for pursuing this diploma was clear. She aimed to strengthen her skills in agile methodologies and principles to contribute to the digital transformation of her company, Transbank. Speaking about her choice, Wilmary said:
``The fact that the university offered internationally recognized certificates alongside the diploma was truly positive for me. Having PeopleCert certifications on my résumé will open many doors and set me apart in a competitive job market.``

Wilmary completed her PeopleCert ScrumMaster I and ScrumMaster II certifications and gained practical skills in leadership, project management, and Agile communications. She emphasized the impact of Scrum on her role as a development lead, stating that “it promotes collaboration, self-management, and higher-quality product delivery”.


The stories of Leidi Johana Malpica Pulido, SKEMA Business School in Brazil, and Wilmary Laclé in Chile illustrate the transformative power of PeopleCert’s professional certifications in Latin America. These certifications not only help individuals stay updated with evolving technologies and market demands, but also bridge the gap between academia and industry, empowering professionals to make a significant impact on their organizations. As Latin America continues to embrace lifelong learning and skill development, PeopleCert’s certifications are playing a pivotal role in shaping the region’s future workforce.

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Learn more about PeopleCert, at peoplecert.org.

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